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From Democracy To Corporate Oligarchy (page 6)


This work, written as a play, dramatizes some intriguing global concerns of the 21st century, such as the fate of democracy.  The curtain opens in the age of the conquering sword, 1659 AD, and in man's fanatical hatred for his fellow man of a different faith.  The mystic prisoner and his executioner banter their totally different outlook on life in a dusky dungeon in Delhi, the capital of Mogul India.  Then "Destiny" appears masquerading as a clown, pretending to be life's big joke, changing the past into these times of toys and trinkets and tralala.  And before it's all over, wit supplants tragedy, and the love that defies and dies by the executioner's sword finally subdues the criminal's gun in the lush LA of 2060 AD.  Wishful?  Perhaps!  But the action is so fast and furious that it's difficult to see how you are being washed on to the political sands and cultural dilemmas of our times.  Finally, the repertoire culminates in a striptease dance - beauty silhouetted nude, a whirling shadow of man's future hopes.

The underlying theme condemns our democratic system as deceptive and compromising.  Hypocrisy clouds its superficial stance of freedom and a glance beneath the facade shows it to be dubiously better than dictatorship.  The play features four imaginary powers who impersonate the real forces controlling the democratic world's lifestyle - government, work, religion, and crime.  However much civilization may have changed, these omnipotent forces remain the same - inexorable and irrevocable.  And as the theme becomes a quizzical caricature of democracy, love enters into the plot, a strong future force in determining our actions.  The four imaginary powers shaping human lives suddenly recognize the advent of this fifth force, the force of kindness and compassion, when a group of musicians politely shatter their camaraderie, defy the power of the gun, and resurrect love.  And through this animated drollery of the farce, the mystical theme rings loud, man's innate goodness fluttering in the form of love, thundering over organized religion's efforts to steer spirituality in known directions, chiding past attempts to channelize it through the promise of eternal bliss and the threat of eternal damnation.

ISBN  0-9687511-2-1   Beautiful art work bound in a clear plastic cover and autographed by the author -- US $ 22.50 plus S & H


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