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Individual Spirituality - Excellent Peer Reviews (page 3)

Maverick Books make fiction serve a vital purpose.  The three books offered here are the work of Mir Raza Alikhan, a humble Sufi scholar who gave up a medical career to trek his way from the wild forests of India to the concrete jungles of North America.  The journey has been an eventful one.  Now his creative credentials linger in the records of the US Patent Office on his nine inventions.  Even better, his three publications featured here have been given a permanent home in the archives of the National Library of Canada in Ottawa.  His writing has created a unique genre of entertaining literature on important cultural concerns - political, religious, sexual - of the new century, concerns that make this exciting world a dangerous place, so dangerous that our thinking and actions may destroy us.  If nothing else, the material in these pages is thought provoking, thinking provoked within a fast moving drama of normal - and some not so normal - mortals strutting and fretting their way through life to their inevitable end.  Reviews by professional writers testify to the correctness of these assertions; a few are given below.

Based on Vedic and Greek Neoplatonic thought, Sufism is not a religion but a state of mind.  It is individual spirituality, however one conceives it as the truth.  It adheres to no established doctrines, follows no rituals.  It self destructs if transformed into a cult.  Instead, the Sufi searches for truth, spiritual truth as she or he sees it, regarding one's faith and religion being an accident of birth.  Though we discard Santa Claus as a fairy tale when we grow older, we retain many more incredible beliefs until our dying day.  Why?  The Sufi has the answer and you can read it in these books:

IT'S NEITHER BLACK NOR WHITE, CHARLIE BROWN (a novel on the disparate cultures of the East and the West and their effect on the world's present problems)

AND JESUS WAS NOT A CHRISTIAN (a historical reconstruction of Gospel events which provides the most plausible explanation for the many perplexing verses)

THE SWAN SONG OF SIN (a play on the irrevocable forces of love and compassion slowly shaping our future)


"These days Indian writers are serious contenders for international awards, and I would not be surprised if one day Mir Raza Alikhan is counted among such contenders.  ... in his close study of two sets of values, he is a pathfinder of unusual merit.  ... he vivifies life itself in most unexpected ways.  ... does not tread the beaten path."
                             --- M. V. Kamath, leading syndicated columnist in India, 1996

"Mir Raza Alikhan is not only a novelist; he is a philosopher, a spiritualist, a scholar, a moralist, a historian, an inventor (9 US patents) - all put into one.  ... (his books) do not fall under any of the defined categories in English literature, and certainly not under the present genre of novels.  ... the author succeeds in raising the literary quality of his expression and communication with the reader to that of a scholarly authority ..."
                             --- Sarat Singh Thounaojam, Sunday Free Press Journal, 1996

"The scale of the play is ambitious, your timely themes well articulated and your treatment highly intelligent.  Also, the humor and wit is surprising and refreshing.  It is obvious that a first class mind is behind its creation."
                             --- Iris Turcotte, The Canadian Stage Co., Toronto, Canada, 1998

"Fiction to him is obviously a vehicle for original and stimulating thoughts on several matters that are close to his heart.  ... wholly free of dogma and intolerance.  He deserves to be read widely by those who are concerned with the happiness and continued survival of humanity in a safe and sane world."
                             --- K. C. Nambiar, The Hindu, India, 1997

"He holds strong views on issues of Western progress and the plight of oppressed people like the native Indian.  But he expresses his nostalgia and anguish in the form of an absorbing tale."
                             --- George Varghese, The Indian Express, India, 1997

"Not just a novel; a masterpiece.  ... a moving, potent and absorbing literary work.  ... subtle, crafty, disturbing, and most credible."
                             --- Book News, Bombay, India, 1996


An American Indian Finds His Roots In Asia (page 4)